About the Company | Wilhelm Construction Company
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work
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A Few Words About Us

Wilhelm Construction Company, LLC. is a family-owned remodeling and construction business located in Lebanon, IL.  It is owned and operated by 5 brothers who come from a large family of 15.

The brothers perform and oversee all aspects of the business from estimation through project completion.

We perform all the work ourselves except for the occasional help of some trusted subcontractors.

Wilhelm Construction Company, LLC. is truly a family business! 

Our History

The Wilhelm Construction Company was started during the drought of 1954.  Our father and uncle, both farmers, started doing small construction jobs for area farmers as a means to support their families. 

After the retirement of our uncle, Gerald Zimmerman, our father, Eugene, took over the business. 

What started as a business to supplement his farm income eventually became full-time work for his sons.

The business was incorporated in 1986 and converted to an LLC in 2013 and has been operated by Eugene’s sons since his retirement in 1992.

wilhelm group photo